Who's in the fold?


1. Brompton M6, Beige - 2003. - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2. Dahon Speed Pro, Orange - 2007  - Australia
3. Pacific Carry Me, White - 2007
4. Pacific Carry Me, Red - 2007
5. Bike Friday Tikit, White - 2009
6. Bike Friday Expedition, Black - 2010
7. Bike Friday Pocket Sport, Red - 2011
8. Dahon Dove Super Lite - 2018

Full-size bikes

9.   Bridgestone MB3, Red - 1994  - Australia (fully restored thanks to Rebound Centre in 2013)
10.  Bridgestone XO5, Green - 1994 - Being restored by Bro George Kee.
11.  Mamachari Japanese market bike, Silver - maybe 2003 (not sure, got it used)
12.  Giant Momentum Mocha - Turquoise - Apr 2016 - Australia
13.  Surly Disc Trucker - Blue Jan 2018 - Australia

Bicycles sold

1.  Prodeco Mariner 7 E Bike, White - 2012/2015
2.  Prince Tony recumbent, White - 2013/2016
3.  Mamachari Bridgestone Jobno, Gray - 2013/2017
4.  Surly Long Haul Trucker, Battleship Gray - 2008/2017

Bicycle given to Alice Ko as a birthday present
Bickerton Scout - mini foldy. British Racing Green. Oct 2018

Recumbent trike Update Nov 16

The Prince Tony special 2013 Trike, White - Australia. Sold to a cyclist who injured his shoulder and required a recumbent to continue cycling.

Update 14 Feb 13 - Surly sold in Jan 2013. Hardly used. New owner is thrilled and Im very glad.

Update 17 June 15 - Surly bought back as the owner was selling. It didn't see any real touring action but still gave Mary lots of fun. Back with new Paul-Canti brakes and Planet full fenders. Now a good reason to go for that really long tour.

Update 25 Nov 15 - Sold the Prodeco Mariner 7 Electric Foldie, White. Bought Nov 2012 Australia. This e-bike was mainly used by my son to go uni when he didn't yet have his driving license. He uses his Piaggio Typhoon moped mostly now and the Prodeco was collecting dust. She found a new owner, a young 14yo whose mom bought it for her birthday. What impressed me on this bike was its long range and exceptional after sales service from Randy Elliot. Great memories!

Update June 2017 - The Bridgestone Jobno which I bought from Japan in 2013 has also been neglected. I only rode it about 5 times. It has found a new owner, one of my very good mates George Kee. George is a Bridgestone bicycle enthusiast and I am very glad he appreciates this beautiful Japanese bicycle. 

Update June 17 - The Surly truly needs a new owner as it is not used and my friend Siew Yung from KL, Malaysia managed to find a buyer from Malacca. KC Auyeong kindly brought it up to Malacca for me and delivered to the new owner, also named KC! Glad it is in good hands.