Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lovethefold's new HQ downunder

I ride past this WW2 Spitfire everyday on my way home. Neat huh?

I have always wondered what the WA in Western Australia stands for, and judging from the long time things take to get done, WA must certainly stand for “Wait Awhile”. It took us 9 days to get our home line connected and we are still awaiting broadband connection, which is scheduled on Feb 17. That sort of explains why this blog has been fairly quiet thus far.
Setting up a new home is always a royal pain – so many things to buy and assemble. It is great that my bike multi-tool came in really handy especially when fixing up Ikea furniture. I’ve decided to give my two foldies, Brompton esq and Mr Speed Pro, prime positions in the new HQ, where they will be safe and comfortable from the harsh summer. Although the missus and many others will not agree, I happen to think they are great objects of art worthy to be displayed in the living room.

We are 1.5km from the Canning River foreshore and there is a beautiful bike path that just runs alongside the beautiful river offering remarkable scenery.

This is indeed bike heaven with many people fishing, boats and canoes having a good time, joggers with dogs in tow, fresh breezes and zero car traffic. Perfect for that relax, leisurely ride.

Jem starts his first day of school tomorrow and it’s a five minute cycle on my old Bridgestone XO-5. It’s important to make it look undesirable as possible as the bike will be parked in the school bike rack so here’s an idea I’ve seen in Chinatown Singapore that may very work. If you have any other suggestions to make the XO-5 look even more unappealing to the bike thief, I welcome that very much.


Brian and I'Ching Thomas said...

Great lookin' house! Glad that things are falling together...

ChrisW said...

Where are you gong to put the new Dahon ? Celia's closet ? ;-)

mb said...

I was TOLD to put my bikes in the living room because they were hogging the space in the study, LOL.

But I can only park my four bikes in the designated parking lot in the living room haha!

Looks great, your new place!