Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another one bites the lust...

The international folding bike community is a small but closely knitted one. Nat who blogs on Pedscaper has finally got himself a foldie, a Novarra Buzz Flyby. This is basically a Dahon MU Sport remarketed and its main feature that I really like is its Nexus 8 Speed internal hub gear. It also helps that the colour and decal job is extremely snazzy. Throw in mud guards as standard and voila, this is one heck of a commuter.
I lurk around Nat's blog quite a bit and HE is an ardent cyclist and a fellow Surly LHT owner too. I was quite honoured to be named the originator of Foldinitis by him and this is certainly a good disease to be spreading, considering the present H1N1 Flu virus.

Do check out his excellent and most interesting musings about bikes, travel, commuting, photography and a host of other exciting stuff on his blog.

May your new found lust continue to last for many years to come Nat!


Nat said...

yay, I get a mention. But not to dampen your spirits, I am a Him not a Her.

Nat said...

oh and by the way, Foldinitis cures H1N1 :)

Oldyonfoldy said...

Opps, correction to follow Nat!