Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inspirational oldies on foldies...

Both pics courtesy of Chris Wee

When I'm not on the saddle, one of the things I love doing is to drool over other people's bicycle adventures on CGOAB. There is this couple who are exceptional in every sense of the word. Suzanne and her husband Janos are ardent touring cyclists and have put in at least 12 overseas trips in Asia and Europe in the last 3 years.

Suzanne and Janos, with my ride buddy Chris in Lampang, Thailand (CGOAB).

They have great taste too when it comes to their bicycles. They used to ride Koga Miyata and now they have switched to Bike Fridays. Their present tour around Thailand have proven the convenience of the very packable New World Tourists as the weather has been very hot and it helps that they can just chuck the bikes into public transport with no worries. You can follow their exciting and entertaining account here.

Pic fm CGOAB

When you consider they are in their 70s, I have nothing but awe and the highest respect for this inspirational couple. True oldies on foldies indeed!

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