Monday, May 10, 2010

Scientist vs Bohemian

I have met many riders in my rides. Most like to have the obligatory cyclo computer, a few must ride with their GPS while the bohemians prefer to focus solely on the pleasure and freedom of cycling unencumbered.

Those familiar with Carl Jung and the Meyer Briggs Personality Profiling will quickly recognised that the ones who love to measure and monitor while riding will fall into the S (sensing) dominant type. S types love to absorb data in a linear and objective way as compared to N (intuition) where data is at best viewed as indicators of possibilities.
Furthermore, how a person makes decision can also affect the importance of the cyclometer to him. Those who are T (thinking) compared to F (feeling) make their decision based on logic and reasons and thus, have a high dependence on their cyclometer . The Fs on the other hand, decide subjectively based on a case to case basis, in the context of their values and empathy. They have little need for any measurement.

While this theory is very helpful, I am an NF personality with the occasional need to know how fast, how far and how much time I have ridden. I use a Cateye Wireless on my Speed Pro and a Cateye Mitty on the Surly LHT Tourer. The rest of my foldies are "Bohemian" style. Which explains why only 2 out of my 8 bikes have cyclometers...

Do the test here and see which one you are. Yes, even the cartoon characters of Simpsons have done this test! It will be interesting to see if you are a Scientist or Bohemian type of cyclist.

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