Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Onwards to Freo

Freedom to discover! This is what cycling is all about. In our usual rides to Point Walter, I've often wanted to press on 8km more to Fremantle, the historical portside city of Western Australia but somehow couldn't. Well recently, I managed to do just that.

Fremantle has a really old world European charm about it. Founded in 1829, the many heritage buildings such as Fremantle Prison, Round House, Clock Tower together with abundance of Victorian and Georgian styled architecture sprinkled along the quiet lanes make me feel like I've just teleported myself to a small town in Cornwall.

The bike path straight to Freo was excellent and clearly marked, skirting along the beautiful Swan River until hitting Freo. I was amazed to cycle pass the holding area of the Fremantle Port where hundreds of brand new cars from all over the world were awaiting their new owners. Going pass that led to E-Shed Markets where it is the tourist/shopper's paradise.

I was particularly charmed to see all the artsy designs along the quay and this one about a woman's need for man and bicycles really got me in stitches.

Fremantle is also famous for its original markets, which is more than 100 years old. They open only on weekends and sell clothes, art and crafts, fresh food as well as all sorts of nibbles.

There is also a very strong coffee culture with numerous Italian sidewalk cafes, trendy beer cafes and great restaurants serving signature seafood cuisine. The famous Cicerellos proudly states they serve WA's No 1 Fish and Chips. I can't vouch for their claim but seriously,I think there are so many creative ways of cooking fish than just deep-frying breaded fish, popular as it may be.

When it was time to go home, I took the easy way out. I jumped into the train unfolded with great wonderings about catching the ferry to Rottnest Island for my next discovery!

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Michael Khor said...

Hey Al, Tourism Australia must be pleased with you haha...

Fremantle is a great place...was there with my family a few years ago. Did the campervan thing from Perth to Albany and back. The winter was manageable tho..except for the all-too-short daylight hours. Hope to do it again in the future ... and also a ride with you :-)