Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A bright Red Light

It is said that visibility is a cyclist's only defence. During the day, wearing luminous yellow or orange jerseys, white helmet and even reflective vest play its part to help make us stand out to traffic.

At night, good lights are essential. The brighter the better for both front and rear lights. It also helps that they blink especially the rear so that drivers can notice us from behind.

My best friend got me The Fibre Flare tail light for my birthday. It gives out 360' of illumination and can be seen up to 300m away. Its operation is simple - just a button to choose between a steady light or a blinking one. Easy to mount, it won the 2009 Eurobike IF award. The USP is unlike other rear lights, it can be seen not just from the rear but the side as well. This can make a difference between being seen or not! Being alive or not!

Check it out here:


Taiwoon said...

congrats on ur new flare light! Yah.. lights are important. I remembered the dark road at Batam when it was all pitch dark... and was so thankful we all had blinkers... Still a magical experience as in the darkness, we could see the stars... We should do tour de Bintan midnite soon...:)

Anonymous said...

its great... i like your blog and i love dahon curve in bike trip... your friend of Brazil. Bye bye