Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laughter in the rain

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Pic courtesy of KC

Wet, short, fun! 3 words to describe today’s City Ride with the Love Cycling SG Group. The weather these few days could very well resembled biblical times in Noah’s ordeal of 40 days and 40 nights of constant rain. There were even reports of flash floods occurring in the city state. So it was quite a surprise that early at 0730 on a drizzly morning, nearly 30 determined folks turned up at Lavendar MRT station.

It was great to meet TW again and make many new friends especially Matt C, who I've corresponded frequently with. They come from all walks of life and rode all types of different bicycles including a recumbent, a 14” wheeled foldie and a classic gentleman’s roadster. Quite a few Bromptons and Dahons too.

I don’t usually like to ride with such a big group but today, I made an exception because this bunch of cyclists are truly enthusiastic and zealous about enjoying great times on the saddle. As TW, one of the leaders, aptly put it, “Its not about speed or expensive carbon-fibre gizmos, this is about getting people together to enjoy a ride, to take lots of pics and eat plenty of good food.”

Pic courtesy fm TW

Despite the dark clouds and rain, the mood was not in the least dampened with lots of chuckles and smiles. We rode past the Kallang River, the impressive Marina Sands Bay as well as the Flyer. It was a bonus to chance upon the upcoming Lunar New Year’s huge props to be used in a few days time and it was pictures galore.

Sadly, I had to end the ride early at 0930 while the rest of the gang continued riding and laughing in the rain. We shall definitely meet again when I’m back in Singapore.


I want to dedicate this song by Neil Sedeka to all the good folks I met today. I love and admire your passionate spirit in all-weather cycling!


Taiwoon said...

Brother Al and Paul, Thanks for coming and ride with us on a wet rainy day. Yes, like u said.. it is not about the bikes!

omegaforest said...

It's a pleasure having you with us. There will be more Sunday rides waiting for you and Paul. Hopefully we can ride together in one of yr touring trips!