Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Mekong Express

Pic from Vik

It was 1am when I got a call from Walter L of Bike Friday. Usually I don't take calls at this time but I did. Turned out he was following up on my enquiry about getting another Bike Friday. Nothing like an upcoming expedition to provide the excuse, opps, I mean reason to get a new set of wheels.

Come mid-July, I shall be leading a group of foldies (you know who you are folks) along the Mekong in Thailand from Nong Khai to Chang Khan, a scenic 220km ride. My weapon of choice is the Pocket Sport. Its basically a New World Tourist with drop bars and zhnged for a bit more speed. My fellow BF enthusiast the highly respected Vik and Guru CW seem to like drop bars so I thought I would give it a try.

Ordered of course the mandatory racks and fenders. You cant call it a touring bike unless you have these fitted. Also, I got MKS pedals for easy quick-release and Japanese made precision.

Can't wait for BF No. 3 to arrive!

Amy, a happy owner of the Pocket Sport, wrote:

I love my Pocket Sport! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me! I put at the very least 2000kms on it this passed summer, it carried me and 4 heavy panniers up and down psychotic hills across British Columbia, a 900km tour. Fits super nicely in a suit-case, no trouble at the border. The bike likes Hawaii, somewhat dis-likes dirt paths but if you’re careful it’s fine. It’s perfect for touring and the only thing I’ve replaced thus far was a stretched chain. Get one!


Taiwoon said...

Congrats Bro Al! I noted it comes with triple chain... so u can conquer any mountain... but remember to wait for me... cuz I am turtle speed. Looking forward to the mekong trip!

Oldyonfoldy said...

TW, Im not that fast lah. Quite a turtle too that is why triple chain ring is needed. But we shall have lots of fun in Mekong, thats guaranteed. Cant wait to ride with you again.

Vik said...

Hey Brother!

I've got a bunch of free time this winter from work. I'd like to do some SE Asia bike touring, but it's far from my area of expertise. If you had some time/desire to hit the road with a Cannuck let's talk.

I'm flexible in terms of dates/routes.

Just a thought!



Oldyonfoldy said...

Heh Bro Vik,

Im excited at yr desire to tour SEA. Yes, I probably be in Laos, Cambodia 2nd half of Dec/ 1st week of Jan. Will email u abt possible routes. How much time do u hv?

Lets do it!


Vik said...

I could probably take 3 weeks off maybe up to a month. My one issue is I need to plan around what Sharon wants to do for holidays or include her. A trip around the holiday would be when she is off work.

Feb OTOH would be free and clear.

Vik said...

Just spoke to Sharon - looks like the last 2 weeks in Dec and 1st week in Jan work for her as long as we ride our BF tandem and I pedal hard uphill!


I'd love to hear about route ideas. I don't want to barge into a trip you had planned if we'd in any way interfere with your ride.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Vik, do u hv an email? We can communicate better that way. I didnt know u have a BF Tandem. That is so cool.

Vik said...

vikbanerjee "at" gmail "dot" com

For routes I'm open, but will always like smaller towns and more scenic/remote areas vs. bigger cities.

Having said that I don't know SE Asia well as all my travelling in the area has been in India.

Sheygetz said...

this BF so looks like your Dahon, a Speed TR isn't it?. I wonder how you judge the differences or whether it is really a case of 6 of this or half a dozen of that.


Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Hendrik.

TU for visiting LTF. A discerning eye will see that the BF n Dahon are indeed v different. Like most bikes, its the frame that matters. It is the frame that determines the ride quality and handling.

Main diff between BF n Dahon is how the frame splits where the latter does it midway. Im sure u know that already. So the long answer is they are not the same visually. They also have very distinct feel.