Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Car servicing made fun!

One of life's dreaded chores is laundry. The other is to take the car for its routine service. I had to do that recently and this normally entails 2 trips - dropping off the car at the dealer, and then picking it up later. It usually is a painless job if you have someone to send and pick you but I don't have that luxury unfortunately.

My trip involved jumping on the train and then walking or bus-sing back to my home and vice versa. So in a way, its a bit worse than laundry especially if it involves lots of walking unless one has a folding bike.

It was easy to chuck the ever compact Brompton into the hatch of my Corolla for the drive to Scarboro Toyota some 15km away and then coming home via train/bike. 35 easy mins. When the car was ready in the late afternoon, I did the reverse. However, this time it was peak period and the train was filled with people going home from work. When space is at a premium inside the carriage, the tiny package of the folded Brompton comes into its element. I took up no unnecessarily space as it fitted snugly between the seats.

Of course, the Brompton is always a conversational piece and I could not help overhearing a nearby passenger talking about it with her friend. Upon arrival at my station, I unfurled her and rode to the dealership. It was a matter of paying the bill, putting the Brompton into the hatch, and driving home.

With a foldy, what was to be a boring routine chore turned out to be quite fun!

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