Friday, April 13, 2012

A morning spin on an F20R

Old Groucho the Cat

I've had good experiences with KHS bikes. Rode one blue Cappucino across Borneo few years back. Therefore a chance to test the latest F20R owned by Matt C this morning was a very welcome re-acquaintance. Specially imported from Taiwan, the land of bicycles, the 20 speed F20R impressed with its sparkling dark grey gunmetal paintwork.

With drop bars and skinny hi-pressure 100 psi tires, just looking at it gave the sense of speed. Its equipped with a mix of Tiagra and 105 parts and reeks quality. Add Reynolds Cromoly frame, a soft tail rear suspension and a price of only US$850 in Taiwan, it looks unbeatable!

It was kind of Keong to pick me at 0715 and we drove to East Coast Park, the playground for Singaporeans. Our ride today was an easy 32km along the beautiful coast on dedicated bike paths. Because it was flat. I had no chance to test the climbing abilities of the F20R but riding together with 2 roadies, we had the opportunity to stretch its legs. Without trying too hard, we hit a top of 37km/h but settled to cruise at an easy 23/24km/h as I enjoyed morning conversations with Richard and Ricky.

The morning coastal scenery with balmy trees, open seas and even a grounded catamaran proved a real treat for the eyes especially in urban Singapore.

Our usual breakfast spot, the Chang Village Food Centre was closed for renovation and will re-open 4th quarter 2012. We settled then to an Indian eatery and I tried something new called Idly (pronounced Italy) which is claimed to be very healthy, a polite way to say its average in taste.

I've been tasked to get some lights for friends in Perth and hence, popped into Changi Cycling Services, a very popular bike shop specializing in value for money products. I got 4 rear blinkers for only US$8!

I arrived just as they were opening and there were already a bee line of other cyclists waiting to buy stuff. Returning via the same route to our parked car, we came across tree works. Strong winds had apparently fell a few trees along the bike paths.

I was thrilled when I met Solomon on the return leg who rode a classic Dahon foldie. He was riding slow and very steady, and looked extremely pleased when I took a pic of him and his steed.

Packing the foldies into the car proved easy but the F20R is not a Brompton and had to be chauffeured in the rear seat. Keong's poor Vitesse had to stay in the boot alone this time. The F20R's folded size isn't its strong suit but this is easily overcome by its great ride and performance.

All in, the 10kg KHS F20R makes for a most compelling folding bike for someone with a need for speed. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning spin on it and if you can live with a slightly bigger folded package, this must be the most bang for your buck drop bar foldie in the market.

Many thanks to Matt C for entrusting me with his new F20R!


omegaforest said...

Great that u rode it and what a review! KHS does make good foldies but a pity they are not well receive here.

drgnfli said...

Interesting read about the KHS F20R. Any idea where in Taiwan (which shop) did your friend Matt C bought this bike? Is that a stock bike or was any upgrade done?