Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pun Pun Bike Share program in Bangkok!

Bike sharing has been around for some time especially in Western countries so I was amazed to see this program in all places - jam packed super polluted Bangkok. It makes such perfect sense as the roads are choc-a-bloc and travelling a mere 5km can take up to 1 hour in peak traffic. A motorcycle taxi will cover this in 10 mins but we got lobbed with a 100B vs a 30B fare on the train fare. 

Tourist price I supposed. I had a chance to talk with the operator and found out that it costs only 320B per year to join (which is US$13) and each ride is a mere 10B (3 cents).

What helps is that you can travel to over 50 stations around the city and just leave the bicycle at any of the 12 BTS stations from - Silom, to MBK all the way to Central World. There is even a Personal Accident Insurance that covers up to 50000B or US$1800 though medical expense claim is a paltry 500B or US$18.

It is also commendable of the Thai City Council to provide bike lanes but I noticed this is also illegally used by the many mopeds, often zipping at pretty high speeds. That said, it is better than no bike lanes.

On my next visit to Bangkok, I certainly must give it to go. I reckon I can do 5km in 15 mins and the challenge is to beat those motorbike taxis. It can be done! Anyone wants to join me in the great Bangkok bicycle race?

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Folding Ben said...

I took my folding bike to Bangkok and had a blast! I think I had more fun on a bicycle there than anywhere else I've gone. You definitely have to be careful though!