Monday, May 11, 2015

3rd Brompton Anniversary Gathering in Singapore

Pic BromSG

Pic BromSG

Pic BromSG

Pic Roland

The Brompton is arguably the best folding bicycle for city use, with its unbeatable compact fold. It also happens to be my first folding bicycle, which I bought used in 2005 for a princely sum of $400, with the Avon Cyclery decal proudly proclaiming its British heritage. I supposed Bromptons were an unknown entity then. I have enjoyed bringing my precious Brompton to many countries and even entered it in a bike race through Angkor Wat.

The Singapore dealer for Strida bicycles was looking to expand their product line then and I loaned him my cream colour Brompton for 2 weeks. They got the dealership and as they say, the rest is history.

For Singapore use, the Brompton has proven itself exceptionally well. With its ability to roll when folded, thus avoiding carrying 11kg through MRT connections, its unbeatable folded package and frisky performance, it now has a cult-like following. This has resulted in Brompton Cycling Clubs and yearly gatherings, which I was invited to a few weeks ago by my good buddy Roland and his wife May.

It was wonderful to see over 300 Bromptons gather under the Marina Bay Flyover and I was impressed by the organisation. AIA Life Insurance was sponsoring breakfast and coffee/tea, as well as giving out generous goodie bags later consisting of a bicycle pouch and a power bank. This being the 3rd such gathering, it attracted fellow Bromptoneers from Europe, Malaysia and even Thailand. I could not believe that there was even a drone operated by Patrick Pereria, a professional drone pilot to take videos from the air! At the end our ride, there was also free cold drinks sponsored by Monster.

What caught my eye was how far Brompton owners would go to "upgrade" their precious steeds with Titanium bits, fancy accessories, modified 11 speed Alfine hub gears, super light wheel sets which all add up to already a very expensive bicycle (retails around S$3k stock). No wonder one of my friends remarked that this was a rich men/women bicycle club and my plain vanilla 13 year old fairly used Brompton looked rather tired and out of place amongst her glittering brethren. Interestingly, there was a Brompton recumbent ridden by Olivier from Belgium as well that added to the spectacle.

Pic Brom SG

Kudos to the organisers for a well planned event with "unfold and ride" races, best dressed competition, best modified Brompton award and we did a group ride to the brand new Cruise Terminal. With 300 Bromptons gliding together, it was quite a sight some with a dog in their front basket.

                                                                                                     Pic BromSG

It was great to meet old friends and make new friends, and experience the camaraderie among fellow Bromptoneers. This is what cycling is all about and I look forward to next year's gathering of the Bromptoneers. Will it exceed 350?

Pic Roland


This is a video shot by Patrick of Avion 360 of last year's Brompton gathering. Very impressive.


Patrick Pereira said...

Awesome blog you have here. Thanks for sharing AVION360 and the aerial video link. Brompton 3rd Anniversary event video should be ready soon pending approval from authorities.

Brompton 2nd Anniversary event video:

Do visit my Facebook page for other aerial videos.

Patrick Pereira

Jotaro Zen said...

It's great to see a fellow blogger writing on the Singapore Brompton Day.
By the way, that's my bike right at the top after the group photo.
I did not realized that you were behind me, or I would have turned around and made your acquaintance.
Keep on blogging.

the AhPek Biker

winson gan said...

I am looking forward to a bike touring to Trang and beyond, yours blog triggers my further inspiration ! Hope to meet up with you oneday.

May God bestow his abundant blessings unto your life.
Love yr write up.
Best wishes.