Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Customer service par excellence - Bike Friday

Tikit in Pai, Northern Thailand - Pic courtesy of Chris

Back to foldies, I made a trip to Eugene, Oregon in June last year. It was mainly to bring Jem to see my alma mata UO and to "show him off" to my elderly friends who took great care of me when I was a young undergraduate in the mid 80s. Since the famous Bike Friday HQ was located there, I had had to check out their new model, the world's fastest Folding bike - the Tikit. After a very enjoyable 2 hour test ride (yes, that long!) around the quaint city and the beautiful campus, I was sold. I took the only showroom model available, a perfect UO duck green. It was that or a 3 month wait.

Bike Fridays are pretty much custom-made "suitcase packable" bikes that are right up there as one of the best foldies around. The Tikit combines their legendary performance with a 5 second fold. I'm very impressed with the nimbleness of its handling and ride, even with smallish 16" tires (essential for a compact fold). My Tikit has travelled with me to Cambodia and Northern Thailand and proven itself marvellously, even on some off road jaunts.

However being one of the first models, my Tikit had some minor teething problems. Latches broke, twisted cabling and recently, some flex on the handlebar stem. This was when my ownership experience became really satisfying.
Many companies pay lip service to customer service but Bike Friday handles it with immediate action. All the problems I brought to them were duly solved, no questions asked. Necessary parts sent without delay through FedEx, arriving at my doorstep within a week or so. Amazing commitment to customer satisfaction. They also respond almost immediately to your queries, giving you utmost confidence in your Bike Friday. I get the impression that I'm not just a customer, but I'm a member of the Bike Friday "country club". Priceless!

Hugh, Walter, Hanna, Lynette and all the good folks at Bike Friday, if you are reading this, my grateful thanks to each of you for giving us Bike Friday owners such joy of ownership!

Check out: http://www.bikefriday.com/ for more info.

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