Monday, April 28, 2008

Vik's tikit Blog

I was absolutely delighted to "meet" this folding bike nut from freezing cold and snowy Calgary, Canada on the internet. Vik has perhaps one of the most comprehensive blog on the Bike Friday tikit (note spelling, no capital T). It is a minefield of useful info ranging from tires, mods, accessories, upgrades, how to wheel it around etc.

He has other bikes as well including my fav touring bike, the Surly LHT (heh, great minds thing alike), Dahon D7 and the list goes on. He is quite a shutterbug too and offers great photo tips.

Do check out his blog at:

Disclosure: Vik very kindly linked me to his blog so one good blog deserves another... here is what he wrote.

Love the fold? Who doesn't?

If you enjoy well written travel stories with pictures of far flung bicycle adventures you should tune into the Love the Fold Blog. I've been to India a few times, but haven't made it to SE Asia yet. So I find photos of bike travels in the area captivating.When you read the latest posts you'll see some full size bikes [great taste BTW - I've got a Surly LHT as well!], but if you dig a bit deeper you find lots of folding bike content including some great Tikit adventures.


Vik said...

hahaha......thanks! was -40 deg C that day in the photo....that number probably doesn't mean anything where you live, but I can tell you I was dreaming of an airplane ticket and a tropical destination that day!

Vik said...

BTW - an easier URL to my blog is