Friday, March 13, 2009

Lunching Japanese with foldies

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Cheap & good Japanese fare, with plenty of parking for our bikes

World class train system - TransPerth

Pat and I decided to continue riding to the city after our usual weekly ride with Rod and Ken. This time from Point Walter. It was one of those "we can't stop riding" mornings. The 10km or so by the Swan River was too easy, and we smirked at the cars on the highway, all stuck behind one another, as we passed them by at a leisurely 22kmh.

After a quick errand in Northbridge, Pat brought me to Taka Japanese Cuisine. It was truly fun zipping through all the small lanes in Perth city and truly, I can't think of a better way getting around than with a foldie.

Taka is one of those cheap & good eats. From about $4 to $8 with a miso soup, you get a decent Japanese set lunch with complimentary tea. My tempura ebi with veggies was delightful. As expected from the hi-tech Japs, they give you a remote circular buzzer which gets activated once your order is ready. The al fresco ambience was described by one forummer as "cafeteria dining meets Japanese cuisine" but it suited me fine.

The plus point is that it has plenty of outdoor and safe parking for the foldies (a very impt consideration). Feeling too full and bloated, we decided to take the very efficient train back. Pat headed north, and I, a 10 min ride south.
Lunching with foldies, this is as good as it gets!

Loads of space even for full size bikes in the spacious train
Taka Japanese Cuisine
Arguably the best value for $ Japanese eat in Perth
Shafto Lane 347-417 Murray St Perth 6000
(08) 9324 1234, 11-9pm, Mon to Sat


Las montaƱas said...

Amidst the biking, I see food reviews creeping in too! Keep at it! Could be useful info the next time I head to Perth.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Indeed, one of the joys of cycling is the ability to explore great eating spots too.

Not to mention no guilt when eating too much :)

mat touring said...

Hi Al,
Nice blog. Great pictures too! Really reminds me of my many trips to Perth few years ago.
Hey I'm sure that you are having fun time cycling there.
Maybe one day I'll tour SWA on my Speed 8 myself too!

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Azmi,

Gd to meet u here in LTF! Yes, do come visit WA. Cycling here shiok. How is the Speed 8 serving you?

The pics in yr blog r awesome.