Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why haven't I got a folding bike?

My Bike Friday tikit riding happily in the train

This week's cycling venue is the beautiful Swan Valley and in making meeting arrangements with my buddy Uncle Ken (who has a MTB) on the email, this is what he wrote...

Hi Alvin,

Now I know why you love the fold so much. I am not able to board a train from Mandurah until 09:02 hrs. Then the latest I could leave Perth is 15 :48. Alternatively I need to get some K's up on my Hyundai Terracan so I could drive to your place and ride to Bull Creek with you.. If this is o.k. let me know what time to arrive and your address. The earliest I can board a train to the City at Bull Creek is 09:10. The latest I can board a train from the City to alight at Bull Creek is 16:15. Oh why haven't I got a folding bike?


Transperth states that full size bikes can only board after 9am and before 4pm but foldies, no such restrictions. Enough said :)
Lynette Chiang of Bike Friday here talks about her experience of using a folding bike as her personal transport. Definitely worth a listen. Be warned though, as you may be asking the same question as Uncle Ken after watching this...

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