Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unfurling at Club Capricon

Can you spot the foldie in the bag?

It was the start of the school hols and we were invited by The Agers for a camping holiday at Club Capricon, 55km north of Perth near Two Rocks over the Easter Weekend.

I've not been camping for over 10 years and eagerly loaded our small Corolla with all the essentials for the 3 of us - cooler box, chairs, clothes, food, sleeping bags and even managed to squeeze in a foldie, my trusty compact Brompton.

Camping in Australia is certainly not a hardship case as I thought. Our friends got a powered site and that means 24 hrs electricity. They brought their microwave, lamps, kettle, toaster, electric pump (for their air mattresses) and everything else short of a TV. Most folks would have a separate dining tent as well! The camp site there had very decent and clean toilets with hot water showers and even laundry facilities. In addition, a shop selling food, milk, ice cream was nearby too plus tennis courts and a fresh water pool.

But what impressed were the natural facilities - namely sand dunes where we could go sand boarding and the wonderful beach for surfing and fishing. Climbing up the dune was tough work and unlike bikes, our legs don't have a granny gear option but coming down on a well-waxed board was exhilarating.

We boogie-boarded the huge waves at the beach and basically got blown away by the immense power of nature. The kids enjoyed themselves just playing around the powdery sand and building sand castles in the fresh breezes and sunshine. Throw in spectacular sunsets, no wonder Cil exclaimed that this was one of the best hols ever!

Which left very little time for me to cycle unfortunately but Lene my host took the Brompton for a morning workout and came away very impressed at its surprising performance and easy to ride nature. But most impressive was that it could fit into the tent hardly taking any space - keeping safe and secure from prying eyes. Lene, a little shy in nature, found it hard to fight off the many people who stopped her in her tracks too often to ask about the bike.

At nightfall, it was very special just looking up at the clear moon and the twinkling stars on a cool night. Arh, unfurling underneath such galactical masterpiece is certainly one of life's joy and blessing...

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.
He who made the great lights, the sun to govern the day, and the moon and stars to govern the night. Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.

Excerpts from Psalm 136


Las montaƱas said...

In the cloud covered and overlit island here, there is absolutely no chance of viewing a clear black tapestry with shimmering blinking lights. Heavenly bodies are created by the LORD. For all of the heavens and the earth is the LORD's, and it is through His love and grace that we can marvel at these wonderful creations. Psalms 8:4 " What is man, that thou art mindful of him?"

Oldyonfoldy said...

LM, come to Perth la!

There is an astronomy tour with impressive telescopes as big as oil drums. I was blown away looking at the craters of the moon and mars even...