Thursday, April 23, 2009

The cycling capital of the world?

I have the highest respect for cities who use the bicycle as their main mode of transportation. Which capital city in the world do you reckon tops this lists? Copenhagen seems to be the number one contender and this very well made European video shows why.

Copenhagen - City of Cyclists from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.


Nick Lo said...

A nice enough video though it didn't really show much of the infrastructure that a "cycling capital" would need to have. You could probably shoot a video like that in any city of the world and give the impression that cycling is hugely popular.

The Brisbane City Council cycling section has the kind of thing I'd be wanting to see; bike shelters, cycle pods, bikeway maps, planned shared bicycle schemes, etc:


paul said...
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paul said...

Without a doubt the leader right now is the The Netherlands. Yes Copenhagen is good, but if you go to both countries, the Dutch have gone 'all out' in bicycle infrastructure.
I was so impressed with what was going on there I wrote a page on it! -