Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm a bad influence!

Uncle Ken - a new foldie convert

Our Wed cycle group is growing! Today we had another pastor joined us, together with Alastair, Rod, Ken and myself. Colin is Assoc Pastor of Riverton Baptist and it was a joy to have him ride with us. He used to run the marathons and is an avid long distance hiker as well. He and his family just climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa so it was literally a ride in the park for this six footer.


Colin - head & shoulders above us!

I also learned that Ken has bought a brand new foldie. With it, he is no longer restricted to train timings and have for these few months, appreciated the advantages of what the origami small wheeled bike offered.

Foldie bike yakking, as always... pic courtesy of Colin

Thus, he took the plunge and got himself an entry level one. He hopes that his wife will ride it as well since it looks so unintimidating.

I'm not sure what it is as I have not seen it upfront yet but it does appear very interesting with a rear suspension and a real value for $ proposition. Ken loves it especially riding through Mandurah city centre where the small wheels make for sharper handling, whizzing pass the quaint cafes and shops with effortless ease.

Somebody stop me, I think I'm a bad influence! I hope his wife still welcomes me to their house.


Las montaƱas said...

certainly a bad influence! with that 'X-rated' pic of the bic!

Michael Khor said...

Al, now you know what your ministry is... Bringing the lost back into the fold ;)

Oldyonfoldy said...

How right you are Mike! I hope you are doing likewise too :)