Friday, May 8, 2009

Mandurah for morning tea

Mandurah lies about 80km south of Perth. It’s a renown coastal small town famous for canal homes, crabbing, dolphins, beaches and fish & chips. No wonder many have moved there to enjoy all that Mandurah offers. With the new train connection taking only 50mins to Perth, real estate prices there have gone through the roof.

Our ride buddy Ken is one such person who opted for the Mandurah lifestyle. He moved there a couple of years ago to enjoy the enviable lifestyle. Ken knows the ins and outs of the area and led us down south to Dawesville Cut through one of the most scenic bike paths I have ever ridden.
It was one of those glorious fall days with balmy breezes and not too much sun. A cool 15c also ensured that it was perfect bike weather. We had to ride through some bridges and the café strip before reaching the paths that took us south. Though pretty flattish most times, rolling hills began once we hit the coast and that was pretty challenging.

Our morning tea stop 24km later was on a wooden jetty along the Peel Inlet. Just us, a few sea gulls and masses of water sparkling from the bright sun rays . Tranquility and sereneness enveloped our souls as we munched on choc chip muffins and hot tea. Add in warm fellowship, could this be the perfect morning tea spot in the world?

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