Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just another Friday

Packing materials galore... safe and sound

The epitome of thoughtfulness

I was so impressed with how Green Gear Company handled the slight crack on my old tikit that it gave me the much needed nudge to order another of their great foldies.

My needs are simple - I want a foldie that I can ride around the world. It must be reliable and uses standard parts (easy to repair/replace), have triple chain rings for those steep climbs, wider tires to handle the off beaten path, mudguards and have front and rear racks to hold 4 panniers. It must also offer a comfortable riding position that can be adjusted from time to time as I have a bad back, gives me a precise ride and firm handling, thus no broken/split frame for me and must fit into a suitcase for easy travelling. I hate paying airline surcharges!

My research for that illusive foldie ended up here - The Bike Friday Pocket Expedition. It boasts a higher BB for better ground clearance and has everything I want, plus more. It comes standard with a Thudbuster seat suspension and is offered in stealthy Black. My dearest wife lugged it back for me from Washington DC last week (I owe her big time) and it arrived safe and sound in Singapore. It was a pleasure too to deal with Walter at BF who was a great help and a joy to deal with (my 2nd time).

I can't wait to go to Singapore in Dec to ride the Expedition. A trip to Langkawi, West Malaysia is already in the pipeline. Meanwhile, time seems to drag and its just another Friday here in Perth...

My heartfelt thanks to Buddy Chris for these great pics and for babysitting my new child.


ChrisW said...

well, that was fast !

Michael Khor said...

Very nice...but I wonder why you're torturing yourself by ordering a new bike, seeing it arrived and not being able to ride it for a couple of months :)

ChrisW said...

Funny, I don't feel very tortured riding this black BMX with 24 speeds :)

Oldyonfoldy said...

Yes Mike, we all do strange things in our life every once in a while... Actually, Cil cd bring it back for me from the US thus saving heaps on FedEx charges la.

Vik said...

Congrats! You'll have a lot of fun on that bike...=-)