Sunday, October 25, 2009

More business travellers with bicycles

Lurking through Bike Forums, I came across an article dated 19 Oct 09 from NY Times. It reported that recently, more business travellers bring along their full size bikes or rent bikes when they go overseas for their meetings. Cycling is claimed to be the quickest cure for jet lag and a bit of cycling sharpens and freshens a person for that high power demands of work.

However, those bringing full size bikes are facing huge air travel charges and its not easy to get a good rental bike from the hotel one stays in. We already know this is the forte of foldies and I was very glad to read this in the article...

For a business trip to Hawaii in March, it would have cost $450 to fly his bicycle from Virginia. He said he recently bought a folding bike that fits into a regular suitcase. “It’s really the only thing that allows me to keep riding,” he said.

I'm not sure what foldie he bought but I do this all the time with my different foldies when I travel. Good to know that more people are discovering the joy of travelling with foldies!

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