Sunday, November 22, 2009

LTF turns 2!

Special thanks to Shamiko Design, CA for this!

Time really flies! Its been two years since Nov 26, 2007 that LTF was berthed. I'm very humbled and surprised to get an average of over 2000 hits monthly, and about 40% from USA, the rest Asia and Europe. I hope that the stories are not just entertaining but helps to give a glimpse of the wonderful world of the good life with foldies, and cycling in general.

I'm grateful for all the new friends I have made and I cannot emphasize more, that life is worth celebrating only when you share it with others. In other words, while the "toys" are important, people to share your passion is the key to any hobby or interests. In my ride to Laos in Dec 08, I met a most interesting French cyclist who spends his retirement just cycling around the world on his trike. Michel remains an inspiration to me and is in Singapore as I write.

As expected, I only did 2 overseas trips this year compared to 8 in 2008 - one to Bintan, Indonesia and the other to Borneo. Both were tremendous fun and enriching. Different cultures, friendly people, exotic food and rich history fascinate me no end. Perth where I now live sits remotely on the Western side of the huge Australian continent. Thus, rides are limited around the city but more than made up by the scenic beauty, mild climate and outstanding world class bike paths.

I "only" added one more foldie to my stable - a Bike Friday Expedition and sort of got a "brand new" tikit (under warranty). My respect and admiration for Green Gear Company have grown leaps and bounds due to their exceptional customer service. I'm not alone when I say this!

People often ask me what is my favourite foldie and I hesistate to answer this question as its often a case of horses for courses. But if I really had to pin it down, then I would say the Bike Friday tikit. Its a bike that is such a joy to ride and even tour with, as I recently discovered. It even feels like its bigger 20" brothers. The Bromptonites will of course, disagree and I can respect that. We can still cycle together happily!

What will 2010 hold for LTF? I hope to do the Bolaven Plateau in the highlands of Laos and planning a few more rides in the pipeline. Locally in Australia, I desire to ride from Perth to Augusta, which is the southern most tip of WA and where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean.

May I encourage you to continue following LTF and journey with me as life on the saddle unfolds before us. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support and my wish is that this blog continues to inspire all of us to explore our fascinating world on small wheels. May you enjoy many delightful moments on your bike wherever you are, and whatever you ride. God bless!

ps 1: I would love to hear from you how I can enhance this blog and welcome your suggestions.

ps 2: For those interested, my foldie stable for 2009 consists of:

2003 Brompton - Cream
2007 Dahon Speed Pro (both residing in Perth, Australia)
2007 Bike Friday tikit - White
2007 Pacific Carry Me - White
2008 Pacific Carry Me - Red
2009 Bike Friday Expedition - Black

Previously owned - Strida 3, Dahon Helios, Dahon Speed 8, Dahon D7

Non foldies
1994 Bridgestone XO5 Hybrid - Green (my son's school commuting bike)
2008 Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bicycle - Battleship Blue

O yes, I finally got a set of yellow Ortileb Sportpacker Plus!

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