Monday, April 19, 2010

A first Foldie

I cant remember exactly when I learned to ride a bicycle (maybe 8 or 9 yo)but I certainly remembered my first bicycle given to me by my Aunt Ruth. It was a red German made Cito with backward pedal braking system, a safety flag and dynamo lighting. That bike gave me countless hours of fun so I got really excited to be given the honour of getting 12yo Darryl his first new bicycle.

Just last month I have been coaching Darryl how to cycle. Christoph and I took him on a 7km ride around the Shelly Foreshore and he passed with flying colours. Then, a request from his mom to get an entry level bike for him came. It had to be a foldie of course as the abilty to be stashed in the boot of his car was essential.

Scouting around the shops in Singapore, I found a "Tahara" made in China 8 Speed 20" foldie at an unbelievable US$99 in Changi. It weighed about 13kg which was respectable and I was quite surprised it rode decently. With a rack and mudguards plus a spare tube thrown in as a sweetener, this must be the deal of the century.

I know this first humble foldie will give Darryl many hours of joy in the days to come. Who knows what he will upgrade to when he grows up? A Birdy, a Dahon, a Brompton or a Friday perhaps?
Update 24 Apr - The Tahara went for its first real ride today on Aussie soil and performed very satisfactory. Its new owner is very happy with her and I'm glad!

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ChrisW said...

Newsflash ! Unc Jimmy has the same bike/colour at the downtown price of SGD$170. I love Changi Village