Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bavarian in Perth

Its always a joy to have my ride buddies pop in and spend a couple of days enjoying what we love best - wearing out our saddles. Christoph who hails from Bavaria, Germany but is an honorary Singaporean (speaks perfect Singlish and loves spicy food lah) managed to get time off from his family and appeared at my door recently during the *Easter period.

Beautiful flowers were not for us!

I first met CT on a trip around Northern Thailand some years back and he is an avid cyclist (has a couple of bikes including a Curve) and rugged adventurer. It was a week before his Triathlon and what better reason to ride the beautiful paths of Perth in preparation. CT loves pouring over maps and would always be planning his ride for the next day around Perth and he did nearly 300km in just 5 days.

We went together down to the fame Mandurah ride with Rod, Ken and Philip and CT was estatic at the natural beauty of the ride, skirting the rugged coastline and fine beaches of WA ending at the Peel Inlet. There, perched Pelicans greeted us when we enjoyed our delicious morning tea.

All 3 of my bikes, the Speed Pro, the Brompton as well as the Bridgestone XO5 got a good workout and it didn't matter what bike CT rode, he was always fast. No matter what people tell you about bikes, the unpolished truth is that its the engine that matters!

As a great cook with a sense of appreciation for good wines and beers (loves Hanns as well), blessed with a warm sense of humour and generousity, CT was truly the perfect foldie guest. It helped too that he had an inbuilt German punctuality that I really appreciated.

All my friends in Perth were truly enamoured to enjoy the presence of this gregarious Bavarian and we hope he returns soon for another visit.

*Easter - A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

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