Thursday, March 3, 2011

First ride in Fall

We are officially in Fall season but its still blistering hot - 35c today. So it was an early start for our Mandurah ride and I left my home at 545am. It was great to have KC with us. He has just gotten interested in foldies and asked if he could test the Brompton. As it is my mission to share the Gospel of Foldies, I invited him for a very long 46km test ride.

I never get tired of this beautiful ride as the scenery is never the same. Different clouds, different colours of the sea, different people we meet, different winds and this time, a new section of bike path was completed so quickly as can be seen in this video.

For some reason, we ended up taking a break from the heat under the shade of the Mens Toilet. And the conversations went on to keeping a healthy lifestyle when Ken the Wisecracker piped out, "A moment of pleasure at the lips is a lifetime of burden at the hips." There's always many barrels of laughter on our trips which make our rides so enjoyable!

KC remarked how amazed the small 16" wheels handle, giving sharp and responsive handling. Although his bum was rather sore (the furthest he rode before meeting us was 20km), he did rather well. A testament to the performance of a good foldie.

With hopefully cooler days ahead, I think our cycle days can only get better.

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