Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fuel for the road

We all know that human powered bicycles are the most green form of transportation. Zero emissions and no need for petrol. However, it does require fuel in the form of food which is not really a cost factor in the strict sense, as we have to eat regardless of whether we cycle or not. Marvellously, the food we eat is converted to energy. Such is the beauty of how *wonderfully our bodies are made.

On yesterday's bi-monthly ride to Mandurah, we decided to do morning tea a bit differently and more collectively. I brought my home cook fried noodles with Belachan (prawn paste chilli) for all while Ken brought fresh fruit - apples, oranges and some dried cranberries. It was encouraging and slightly amusing that a true blue Aussie bloke appreciated the spicy noodles! But then again, Aussies have moved from meat pies to Laksa a long time ago.

Enjoying all that with the beautiful view of the Peel Inlet of Mandurah, with Pelicans gracing the blue skies, made for a most delightful bicycle break.

We also bumped into an elderly gentleman who rode a brand new electric bicycle. KC, who is researching into e-bikes, pounced on the opportunity to find out more.

Pleasant conversations followed and we learned that the e-bike enabled him to enjoy the great outdoors and manage steep hills with hardly a sweat. Without it, he would have had to stay at home in front of the TV, like a cave hermit. That got all of us excited and immediately, we went to the e-bike shop at Miami Shopping Centre to make more enquiries. The bike could hit 25km/h and had a range of 40km. It costs a bit over A$2000 which is reasonable compared to higher end foldies. This certainly is the way of the future, especially when we get on in age.

Whether fresh food or electricity, these fuels are certainly the right ones for the road. Don't you agree?

*I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14


omegaforest said...

Perth to Mandurah, whats the time required go one way?

Did u travel via train and switch to road?

Oldyonfoldy said...

Takes abt 50 min by car or train. If two of us, we drive. 120km train fare return abt $12. My friend's house is 15 mins bike ride from station.

Taiwoon said...

Bro AL, I think the City of Perth should assign u as cyclng ambassador! U make me want to ride there so much! I like the relaxed pinic feel of ur photos! Keep them coming!