Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cycling to Easter Service

Its Maundy Thursday and churches all around the world hold their Good Friday eve services. Here in Singapore, I've found traffic getting really bad especially during peak hours so I've decided to ride my Bike Friday Tikit to church. It was really fun NOT to be too affected by the heavy traffic as the bike could weave through cars stuck in traffic unencumbered.

However, cycling in the humidity was a sweltering experience even though it was supposed to be a cool 6pm in the evening. I guess I wasn't yet acclimatised to the tropics. I decided to stop at a relative's home halfway and caught a ride to church. It was good to be able to enjoy a cold and refreshing shower at his lovely home, and that was so invigorating.

Riding the world's fastest 5 sec folding bike also made for easy versatility in being able to collapse the bike, and pop the Tikit back into the car without any hassles. After church, I transferred the Tikit to my wife's car and drove back happily. Who says going to church is boring?

A little bit about Easter - Easter today is about holidays, chocolate eggs and bunnies. The true essence of Easter however, is about the cruel death of a man named Jesus who claimed to be God. He was condemned to die on the worse execution device of the Roman Empire - hanging on the Cross and death comes from suffocation. This type of death was reserved only for the most hardened criminals.

Ironically, he was put there because of a political power play between the Jewish leaders and the Romans. Pontius Pilate, the Governor, found he had done no wrong. His death on Good Friday however signaled the beginning of life. Three days later, he rosed from the dead and appeared before many witnesses. Jesus' resurrection today continues to bring hope, forgiveness and new life for many who put their faith in him. So the eggs and bunnies actually mean something - they reflect the celebration of new life offered by God to us.

My good friend I'Ching covers about Easter deeper here.

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