Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four bicycles in one supermini

Fred and his 2 sons, good friends from Perth, were here in Singapore and what better way to show them the beautiful Singapore River than a bike ride from end to end. Transporting four bikes to any destination would usually be a logistical challenge, needing the use of a van or a truck. However, I have neither except Toyota's smallest hatchback, the Yaris.

Fortunately, this is where the advantages of a foldie really shine brightly! I packed my Bike Friday Tikit, Expedition and 2 micro Carry Me for the boys and they fitted easily into the Yaris. We met at Lavender MRT carpark and it took me all of 5 mins to unfold all 4 bikes and we were ready to roll.


Fred's teenage boys were so excited to ride the cute Carry Me where they got used to the bikes in no time. Josh remarked that the CM rode much better than he expected and even though they had a turn on the BF Expedition, they all much prefered the CMs. For all intent and purposes, the CM was in its element at the ability to steer on a dime and ride around moving pedestrains.

I was planning a return via the ever efficient MRT but they all had so much fun they decided to cycle back to our start point. We had a wonderful time and I am grateful to my foldies for making such an enjoyable ride possible. Fred suggested I should start a folding bike tour business. Umm, I very well may...

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Taiwoon said...

best way to show friends around sunny SG! Nice one!