Friday, November 25, 2011

4 & hopefully more!

Another birthday for Lovethefold has arrived! It was 4 years ago that I wrote my first post on 26 Nov 2007. Time really flies. Its always good to take stock on an occasion like this to do some reflection.

This blog is largely a personal journal of my cycling journey and it has been great fun sharing with you what I am up to. I am humbled that LTF has attracted a greater readership since last year, from 3000 a month to 6000 hits average. It takes discipline and hard work (and I lack both of these, help!) to churn out an average of 2 postings a week but if doing so inspires you in a small way to get on your bike, meet new people and explore undiscovered and unfamiliar places, then its my delight to press on.

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The major rides I did for the year include:
Dec/Jan - Laos, Bolaven Plateau ride with Celia, Wei and Mike.
July - Thailand, Mekong ride with Rod, Ken, Kenneth, Christoph, Joshua, Taiwoon and Mike.

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Sep - Malaysia, Malacca with Chris and KC.

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Oct - Australia, Margaret River ride with Patrick, Kenneth and Christoph.

I continue to have my weekly Wed rides in Perth with 3 to 4 great friends, and in Singapore when I return for holidays, I do ride quite frequently too. One highlight that has happened is meeting up with the Love Cycling Spore Group led by Taiwoon and cycling advocate, Francis Chu. A real joy to make new friends like Matt Chia, a talented photographer/Go Pro-er!

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They have a membership of over 700 folks and ride almost every Sunday! They are a bunch of wonderful people and I am very honoured to be a small part of this special group, though I'm pretty much a newbie there.

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I have been a good boy and added only one bike to my already crowded stable - the Bike Friday Pocket Sport.

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I have not ridden it much as it still sits in the box stored snugly in my store room in Singapore. That certainly must change and I will use this drop bar beauty in future adventures. I am also researching e-bikes as I believe this is the future, especially when one gets a bit older and a bit of help is appreciated.

First half of 2012 has 2 trips lined up already. My faithful buddy Chris and I have teamed up for our first organised tour. We are both ardent tourers (he more so than I) and know many great rides around Asia and what better way than to pool our resources and share this with others.

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In Jan 2012, we are leading a Northern Thailand winter ride to Chiang Mai and its surroundings with a total of 12 folks in this most scenic part of the Land of Smiles, near the Burma border.

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Then in March, I will be joining a ride organise by George Lim from LCSG to Taiwan, the Mecca of folding bicycles. I have never been there so the chance to savour Taiwan's beauty is something I really look forward to.

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We will also be attending the International Bicycle Show in Taipei so that should be heaps of fun. It will be exciting to see whats the latest and bestest offerings.

There is another trip in early July either to Bali, Indonesia or Vietnam but lets see how that pans out and Mike is pining to go to Yunnan in China come Oct.

So it looks like a full year ahead in terms of cycling and I cannot but be grateful to God and my family to be given these wonderful opportunities to enjoy and share my passion. I am humbly reminded that life is short with the passing away of my good friend and ride buddy Paul in April. Then, there are those who have moved on too for one reason or another... Treasure and enjoy the people we have around now while we can!

I trust that you will continue to enjoy following my adventures and do write to me if I can be of any assistance to you (lovethefold at gmail dot com). It will be a delight to get to know you and read of your adventures too.

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May I wish you the time of your life as you head out on the saddle with your friends and make special memories together as life unfolds before us, with God paving ahead for us. Deo Volente, perhaps we will meet on the road soon?

You have done many miraculous things, O LORD my God. You have made many wonderful plans for us. No one compares to you! Psalm 40:5


Taiwoon said...

4 years old! Congrats bro Al. Your blog is one of my daliy reads. I enjoy it because it is not just about cycling u write but of friendships. I also like the fact u try to do things out of the beaten path and showing that foldies can also tour. Lastly, Perth should give u a Medal.... for showing the world how beautiful the city is and how cycling paths can be designed and intergrated. Thank you bro Al and LTF for all funny, wise, insightful articles. And I look forward for another 4 more years!

omegaforest said...

Brother Al! 4 yrs and more to come. Yr blog is my inspiration, that's way b4 I met you...meeting and knowing you is one of the highlights of my cycling life! Looking fwd to Touring with you!

Oldyonfoldy said...

My dear friends. Its because of the many wonderful people like you that I meet through LTF that makes writing this blog such a joy. Many kam siahs indeed!!!