Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome back Uncle Ken!

It was really great to have Uncle Ken join us once again. He has been taking too long a hiatus due to an illness in the family and we thank God that the worse is behind them. We have missed Ken's infectious laughter, classic one-liner jokes and his sunshine personality and its wonderful to ride with him this morning.

It was scorching today - hitting a high of 35c but starting really early at 7am meant we enjoyed the cooler and better part of the day. I have not taken the train down to Mandurah for ages and its an easy 50 min ride. Although it was 6am plus, there was a magician practising his tricks in our carriage and that provided some early morning entertainment.

From Mandurah Train Station to Ken's home is only about 4km and we arrived on time. We could feel a bit of the heat even so early in the morning but that does not deter Rod and Ken.

They cycle in all weather, 5c or 40c, rain or shine, almost nothing will stop them. One thing I noticed on this ride is the many For Sale signs. The real estate market is sliding and many are getting out.

This is my first Mandurah trip on my Bike Friday Tikit and it was a real hoot to ride. It climbed the hills on the coastal paths with aplomb and cornered like it was on rails. Ken who rode it came away impressed.

The other 16" bike I have did not feel so planted as the Tikit and this route really makes small differences come alive. The better gearing too on my Tikit meant I could tackle the steepest climbs without too much of a struggle.

Whoever says the B bike rides better than the Tikit need to cycle this challenging seaside route to appreciate the edge this little Bike Friday delivers. Sharp curves, fast descents, rolling hills, one or two ultra steep climbs, and even some wooden and sandy sections.

I was enjoying myself too much and felt like a race track driver on the Tikit!

Returning back from our morning tea spot proved tough because of strong headwinds. Nevertheless, it gave us a really good work out and we were glad when we arrived back at Ken's home 52km later. There, Ken proudly showed us a Singapore Tourist Guide where he was featured!

We were then lavished with the much appreciated cold water, apple juice, home made banana cake and tea. A most fitting end to a glorious morning indeed.

Welcome back Uncle Ken!

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgives all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases … Psalms 103:2

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Taiwoon said...

Good to see u back on the saddle. Welcome back Uncle Ken!