Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taiwan, here we come!

I'm in the midst of packing for my flight tonight. Destination - Taiwan, the Mecca for bicycles and for good reasons. Beautiful country and super bike friendly. Not to mention cheap bikes (majority of the famous bike brands are made here) and great food. The Taiwanese are also known to be very friendly folks.

I'll be stopping over in Singapore for 2 nights to pack my BFs and then, meeting the rest of the 22 strong group at 5am Saturday. Its nice to tag along for a change instead of organising and most of the folks are from Love Singapore Cycling Group. Which means great people! I look forward to spending time with my ride buddies like Taiwoon, Mike, Chris, Joshua, Roland, Kimi and getting to know new friends. What makes this trip special is our better halves are coming along as well.

George Lim, the organiser has planned some spectacular climbs - 60km in first 2 days to ascend 400m to 3100m. Fortunately, we have a chartered bus so that takes the fear away. I'll be using the Bike Friday Expedition while Celia will use the Pocket Sport (now with triple chain rings fitted). With climbs, means the reward of downhills so that should be some speedy sections!

Also, we plan to attend the International Bike Show as well in Taipei so some major drooling and wallet lightening will occur.

Stay tune for reports. Goodbye Perth, hello Taiwan. Hope my High School Mandarin ain't too rusty, "Ni how ma?"

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