Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1000km on one tank of petrol

I regret eating only one of these lovely jam muffins made by Jennifer!

It has been ages since I went down to Mandurah to cycle with Uncle Ken. However with Rod out of action due to a surgery, I thought I better go down to accompany Uncle Ken as we needed to put in the miles for our upcoming ride in the South West of WA in Oct. Fortunately, we met at 745am instead of our usual 7am so I could get a bit more sleep. Jumping into the Golf and making the 45 min drive down to his home in Mandurah was a breeze.

It was so good to be back on the breathtaking cycle tracks from Mandurah to Dawsville, especially with perfect cloudy and cool weather. We had our morning tea at the jetty below the ex-Jolly Frog Cafe. This place is now re-opened under a new owner with a very ho-hum name, Hot Rock Cafe, which is a shame. Nevertheless, they have a coffee/cake special for $8.90 and we shall try there the next time. If anything, the views from the restaurant are priceless.

I was very grateful to Barb for making my favourite cookie, the multi-nut milo slice which Uncle Ken brought for us to share. What impressed on this ride were the heavy surfs along the coast which made for spectacular viewing, especially watching the skillful surfers do their thing.

Our 35km ride ended too soon and what a surprise it was when at Ken's home, Barb handed me a whole box of her milo slice cookies! I was elated and felt so blessed.

I had to scoot off real quick as I wanted to say goodbye to friends I met in Cambodia, Stephen and Jennifer who were holidaying in Mandurah. It turned out that their daughter Eleanor is also into bicycles and I invited her and Stephen to take the Tikit for a ride.

I learned later that she bikes regularly to her clinic, until she became a mom to two beautiful twin boys recently. The blessing at Ken's home followed me to lunch, as I was treated most generously by Stephen and Jennifer! This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks they bought me lunch. Indeed, I am very grateful to God for being given such wonderful and big hearted friends.

It was hard to keep awake after a big lunch for the long drive back home so I kept myself entertained by playing with the Golf's onboard computer system. To my pleasant surprise, the total range of the car registered nearly 1000km and this on a single tank of petrol. This works out to nearly 20km/l or 5l/100km which is hybrid like mileage.

Although nowhere as efficient as our foldies as it gets 20-40km per litre of water depending on the weather, I was pleased as punch. Can't wait for our next ride down south, on the Tikit in the Golf, with my wonderful friends again.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Never shall I forget the times I spent with you; 
continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours

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