Friday, September 14, 2012

Dolphins at Shelley

It was great to do an easy Saturday morning ride along the Shelley Foreshore with B & C. B is a new owner of a Tern C7 foldie and was keen to see how it goes.

It was a real mixture of wheel sizes as C rode a 700c racing bike, B had a 20" Tern and I, A, rode my 16" Tikit.

I never get tired of cycling this beautiful stretch where the excellent bike path just hugs the river. With a cool 18c, blue skies and nice bright sun, life cannot get any better. Until we suddenly heard some loud splashing in the water!

Lo and behold, there was a pod of 4/5 dolphins having a feed, and all sorts of birds (including some Terns) were flying around all excited. That got us excited too.

We took some pictures as well - "proud owner of new bike shots" which B thoroughly enjoyed being my model and had a lot of fun.

My reward was lovely Vietnamese spring rolls for morning tea kindly brought by B & C.  It was heavenly but I could kick myself for not bringing a hot flask to make coffee/tea.

On our way back, we bumped into an elderly couple on recumbents and stopped for a chat. They looked very proud of their machines. One was a Greenspeed and it costs about US$3500.

An altogether brilliant way to start a great weekend, don't you think?

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