Friday, December 14, 2007

Guns & Poses

Cambodia is THE Wild Wild East and guns are still available for hire. Displayed prominently in front of a certain hotel's recep is a wide menu of all sorts of guns/rifles including hand grenades, RPGs and even anti-aircraft guns. The variety will make any army proud. About US$30 for 25 rounds, one could have a go at the shooting range. It has been sometime since I left the army, so I thought I would give it a go and give an "education" on the destructive power of these weapons to my son and 9 yo Godson.

The shooting range was near to the infamous Killing Fields, and ironically, most of the victims there were murdered by the Khmer Rouge not by bullets but by everyday farm tools. We were greeted by a most friendly Gun Waiter who welcomed us warmly - like we were stepping into a family restaurant. We were invited to sit down and looked at the menu. It was hard to choose, so we ordered the special of the day - a Russian made AK47 assault rifle. The boys were thrilled and posed proudly with their various rifles. Of course when the shooting started, they were a little scared but the green camouflage jackets they donned on gave them the courage to squeeze a few rounds. Only 7/25 rounds hit their target but at least it wasn't zero!

On our way out, we saw a hand grenade lobbed into a pond and witnessed the underwater explosion. It seemed very dangerous and we were glad to leave the place.

Well, at least the boys were happy. They got lots of photos of guns in various poses...

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omegaforest said...

Not so sure about the Hand Grinent! Kabow!