Friday, December 28, 2007

Renewing ties in KL

The New - Imposing Petronas Twin Towers

The Old - Coliseum Hotel & Restaurant circa 1920s

Big juicy Satay, shiok!

Mei testing the compact CM inside a spacious 3 bedroom Ascott Suite.

Our stay at the Ascott was booked exactly one year ago in 2006. Its important to pencil in time where the extended family can get stay together for a couple of days. What made it even more special is my dear friends, The Ongs and The D Lees (from NZ) came along as well.

KL is booming, with construction everywhere around the KLCC area. It is truly a modern metropolis like Singapore, but unlike Singapore, there are still pockets of tradition and old town. One such institution is the 85 year old Coliseum Restaurant and Hotel at Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Described as a poor man's Raffles, the Coliseum has a similar planter bar. It looks exactly the same as when the British had drinks to discuss how to counter the Communists Insurgency during the 1950s. Coliseum is Hainanese run offering wonderful steaks and other Western food. The waiter who served us told us that he has worked there for 46 years! Our ever discerning kids gave the quality of food 8.5/10.

I did not have the chance to ride my Carry Me much save for one trip in search of Teh Tarik stalls. As usual, it got molested to no end when I parked it to buy some Ramli Burgers and Malay Kuehs. One fellow got the cheek to ask for a test ride, to which I firmly said, "No". This place along Jln P Ramlee also did juicy Satays.

We left with happy hearts at the renewed relationships formed 20 floors up at the Ascott. O yes, we made another booking for Dec 26-29 for 2008.


PencilDot said...

Wah... nice photos...

Right-side Up said...

My uncle's (mom's sister's husband)late father did Coliseum's laundry for years and years till he was given a share in the institution. This small share was transferred to my uncle when his father died. Today, when we go to Coliseum with my aunt, we get a discount on the meal! So, next time, Alvin, it'll be on us! :)

Oldyonfoldy said...

What a small world this is! Would love to meet up with your Aunt and learn more about the rich history of Coliseum one day. Let me know when you next visit KL ya? :)