Friday, December 14, 2007

The work begins...

19 folks + 42 boxes of goodies from my church flew in last night. It was a challenge to fit everybody and everything into a rickety van and a jalopy 4wd. It could not fit so a need for another taxi. Such a joy to see so many excited faces! We went for a nice welcome supper at Mittaheap Coconut Ice Cream and swarmed the tiny restaurant.

This morning, the main team left for COSI Orphanage by bus to begin their stint with 120 orphans. A second team focused on teaching at the Bible College. My team of 6 people went to the Methodist School of Cambodia at 0630. The training sessions we gave on Pedagogy, IT and PE were well received. It was so inspiring to see the wonderful work done to give young Cambodians a better future through education. We are humbled that we could contribute in a small way.

A well deserved lunch cum simple birthday celebration for my friend I''Ching was held at the Aussie owned Lazy Gecko. Koda the ever friendly waitress recognised us and made us all feel so at home. Typical of warm Cambodian hospitality. Of course, I had the Deluxe Burger which is acclaimed to be the best burger in Phnom Penh for a princely sum of US$3.50.

Tomorrow is another early start as we make our way to COSI at 0700 to participate in an early Christmas service. Looks like playing tourist ends and the work begins... and we look forward to it immensely.

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