Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My wonderful friend & host - Dr Peggy Yeo

Everything you want is found in Springvale Market. Everything!

The girls after a hunting/shopping trip to Springvale. Yup, the boot was filled.

The ever cutesy and super intelligent Casper

Peggy with my wife, Celia, in her brand new Corolla Hatch. Red for zesty!

I have made many new friends inside and outside the biking community - and good friends are indeed a real blessing. They share your joys, bear your burdens, offer wisdom and enrich your life so colourfully. It is my joy to know Peggy for quite a while and she has moved to Melbourne in 1997, settling in the beautiful suburb of Glen Waverley.

Her biking experience is limited to a stationery bike that she uses to keep fit but Peggy is the most active "retired" person I know. She sings alto in the Monash Chorale, is a qualified Funeral Director (interesting ya?) and CELTA English Teacher, accomplished pianist, author, movie buff, worship leader. sought after teacher/preacher, world traveller and mother to two wonderful doggies, Casper and Missabella. But most of all, she is a dear friend to my wife and I.
My little way of saying a big thank you for all the warm and attentive hospitality in coldish Melbourne, dearest Jie (big sister in Mandarin)! Maybe I should get a tandem bike (folding of course) to take her out for a ride one day soon...
A friend loves at all times - Proverbs 17:17

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