Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Essentially essential...

Carry the essentials and enjoy your ride more!

I know many riders in their quest for speed adopt the minimalist approach when it comes to cycling. Carry as little as possible, or better still, nothing at all. This unencumbered style of riding is the result of a flawed formula:

Less stuff = More speed = More fun!

Sounds good on paper or when you are doing the Tour de France with full support vehicles and outriders. But when you are doing your rides out in the country, away from the maddening crowds all alone, and your zillion dollar bike decides to act up, it may very well be "game over" for you. A simple thing like a puncture, or a loose seat mounting, dragging brakes, scrapped knees or when the skies open, speed will not be on your agenda I can assure you.

So here is a list of things that is essential for a worry free ride...

1. Hand pump
2. Spare tube
3. Rim levers
4. Multi-tool
5. First aid kit
6. Rain coat
7. Plastic bag (for your mobile, wallet, keys)

In one of our recent rides, there was this big guy on a fancy Cannondale racer who came alongside us pleading pitifully, "Do you have a pump?" His rear tire was really soft and was giving him a hard time. So much for Speedy Gonzales! Yes, we helped him.

Once, my seat got loose and it was a pain trying to cycle while standing 5km! Serves me right for not bringing the multi-tool.

So don't forget the essentials on your next ride. Sure, it will weigh you down by that 1kg but it is a small price to pay for a worry free and fun ride. I suspect the many fuss free rides you enjoy will result in you shedding more that 1kg in personal weight.

More rides = Less body weight = More speed ..... think about it!


Chua Meng Seng said...

I like cycling and am going to plan to cycle from Upper Thomson to East Coast Park. Any recommendation for the route and the tools to purchase.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Meng Seng.

Its quite an easy route fm Thomson to ECP. Make yr way down to Thomson Rd, left at Balestier onto Lavender. Then, left at Kallang Rd. Right at Mountbatten. This will take you pass Nat Stadium. Left at Fort Rd and you at in ECP. Abt 18km I reckon. Just watch for traffic.

As for tools, multi-tool, pump, spare tire, tire levers. Enjoy your ride!