Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quickest mode of transport up to 5km?

Source: Ausroads

I have a Suzuki Burgman 400 maxi scooter that has been largely neglected lately. A full tank of petrol last me 1.5 months! Its coming to 10 years old and the total mileage done is a paltry 24000km. The reason for this is I tend to do almost all my errands on a bicycle.

I do so because a bicycle has no parking problems and can often go via the shortest route - routes that normal registered vehicles can't do. A trip to buy my favourite noodles is 2km away by driving or riding, I have to hit 3 traffic lights to get to there - and its a 3km long loop. On the bicycle, and with the help of a downhill, its done in a painless 5 mins flat.

Here is an excellent research article from Australia that explains the many benefits of cycling. Its worth a read. Anyone like to buy a very under used scooter?


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