Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainy days & Mondays DO NOT get me down...

Driest part of the bike - Topeak seat pouch. Thanks to waterproof cover

I rarely turn down invitations for a ride and this Monday morning is no exception. Keong of *Foldinities fame is getting serious about the weight game and wanted to do a 30km ride at ECP to Changi Village. As we were cycling with 2 roadies, my weapon of choice was my Speed Pro. Keong's car swallowed 2 Dahons easily in the boot, and it was a surprisingly traffic free drive.

Rich and his wife Jen own both foldies (Helios & Halfway) and roadies. Living in the East Coast, they are blessed with easy access to the superb coastal bike paths, and they ride 3 times a week there. On the Pro, keeping up with them was not an issue and a friendly sprint with Rich saw us hit close to 40km/h on the flats.

It proved to be a very pleasant uneventful ride until our return leg when the heavens suddenly opened. We were soaked to the skin and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There is something special about just riding in heavy showers. Good thing my camera, mobile and wallet was kept snugly in my Topeak seat pouch and its bright yellow rain cover proved very useful. Bad thing was the Pro had no mudguards so a wet bottom and back was inevitable, in addition to a very messy bike. Unsexy as they may be, mudguards are absolutely essential for wet weather riding. Period!

Mess than can be cleaned up

I had so much fun riding that I decided to ride all the way home to the West, much to Keong's amazement. Afterall, which guy would turn down a ride in a dry, comfortable car to brave the wet weather? 52.7km later, I was home sweet home. A little damp but I enjoyed myself immensely. My reward - a well earned Banana Split!

Rainy days & Mondays need not be deary when you are on a fast foldie!

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