Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new "grandson" for Grandpa Ken

The arrival of a new born child always bring much celebration and joy to any family. For the case of foldie fanatics, a new foldie does nearly the same thing and we shared this happy moment with Uncle Ken who brought along his brand new foldie for the first time on our Wed ride to Point Walter.

I asked Uncle Ken what he thought about his new "grandchild" and he replied, "Riding on it makes me feel like a teenager on a bike again!". Though its an entry level foldie, it comes fully equipped with a rack, mud guards, rear suspension, kick stand and Shimano's trusty 6 speed gear system. It also had V brakes and a front suspension all for less than $400! This must surely be the deal of the century.

Its aptly named "The Commuter" by Outdoor Expedition, and it kept up with Rod, Colin and myself with no drama. Now, Uncle Ken has found new freedom from restrictive train curfews thanks to his foldie. Last I hear, he was going into the city by train to see his accountant, for business and the chance to show off his new "grandson".

Well done Uncle Ken and congrats! May you enjoy many happy hours on small wheels.

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Nat said...

Bintan eh, Looking forward to the ride report with maps etc... I will ape the route one of the weekends :)