Friday, March 19, 2010

Come Saturday Morning...

This beautiful song by the Sandpipers was a hit when I was 7 years old and it speaks about going out with a good friend on a Saturday morning for a great time. In many ways, it captures my little outing today with my dear friend Ye Ole Brompton around the Canning River. She is my first foldie and what better way to spend a Saturday morning than going for a ride together. It was fun to see people just enjoying the great Aussie outdoors. Ski boats, canoes, bicycles, recumbents, runners with dogs, kids, picnickers - all out in full force.

My Brompton was delivered at Avon Cycles in Bath U.K., in 2003 and the decal is still proudly there. I got her in 2006 from a previous owner and she is in mint condition. The 6 speed Sturmey Archer gear system still shifts crisply and I have upgraded her tires to Schwalbe Marathons.

My Korean friend Shin who is new to cycling took her for a spin recently and he remarked, "High quality bicycle!". Though there is a certain 16" folder which rides better, the Brompton has that traditional gait and English charm about her. In a recent 40km race in Spore, the top Brompton completed the race in a very respectable 1 hr 16 secs or a 31km/h average.

Anyway, part of the lyrics of this melodic song reads:

We will travel for miles in our Saturday smiles,
And then we will move on
But we will remember long after the Saturday is gone...

And that somehow strikes a special cord in my heart. Life is about making wonderful memories not just for ourselves, but for others as well and because we may not have another chance, lets do that while we can.

I hope you will enjoy this 40 year old classic song and I like to wish you many happy Saturday mornings to come.

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