Friday, March 26, 2010

Tattooed by a kid

It seems that getting a tattoo is the in thing these days especially among the young and the young at heart. Some tattoo because its fashionable, or to declare their faithful love to their special someone, and for some, their life's motto.

Problem is that its permanent and when whatever reason it represents ceases to be relevant, its stuck with you. Therefore, the idea of a temporary tattoo (the sticker type) is a brilliant one.

I was very touched when my 7 year old friend Aaron, gave me this tattoo. He was feeling a bit crooked and I went to visit him to see how the young lad was doing. Aaron was a bit bored being stucked at home and decided to scrummage his tattoo sticker collection. To have some fun, he insisted on "tattooing" me with this most appropriate design with two words that say it all.

What an honour for my old arm to be tattooed by my young friend!


SBC said...

nice tatoo =)

been reading yr blog for awhile now..keep writing, it's interesting.

Cognitive46 said...

interesting post