Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spotting Fascinating Green Toys

It was really great to be back on a saddle with my Wed ride buddies Rod and Ken. With the weather a notch cooler at 22c, it was refreshing to be slicing through the 7am morning air. Our destination today was to Point Walter, about 17km from my house along the Canning River, near Fremantle.

People always comment that it would be boring riding the same route but we beg to differ. What surprises are the different hues of the morning, the people that we meet and the new things we see.

Today, I spotted a muscular Dad on his fully loaded touring bike with trailer on tow. He was coming fast in the opposite direction with his toddler snugly inside looking so pleased with this zippy human powered transportation.

At our usual morning tea site by the river, we were greeted with colourful sails in the clear blue sky. The Australian Kiteboarding Club were taking advantage of the strong 35kmh winds and it was exhilarating seeing people skim on the water at unbelievable speeds. Sometimes when the wind was too strong, the surfer would just glide up gracefully into the air and land just like a kung fu movie.

On the return ride back, I had had to stop for a chat with a lady who drove a Smart car. This is a 2 seater car partly owned by Mercedes and its their answer to urban city green transporation. It gets more than 20km/l and makes a lot of sense especially for this retired lady. She claimed her golf bag fitted easily into the tiny boot and I'm quite sure a foldy can go in as well. Because it is so short, 2 Smart cars can fit into one regular parking lot!

2 very green & smart vehicles

As green gadget buffets go, we got to meet a most intriguing Tandem Recumbent crusing steadily towards us. This couple was from Ireland, proudly flying their flag, and they looked happy as a lark. Who wouldn't? It must be quite a challenge to store this long road train contraption on 3 wheels.

Road Train!

All in all, a most fascinating morning wouldn't you say?

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