Monday, July 5, 2010

Another foldie travels north

Like teenage kids, it seems my foldies have taken to travelling without their father. First was the Brompton in Perth and now in Singapore, my Carry Me stick folder. One of my buddies asked if he could borrow my CM for his morning rides as he will spend a week in Phuket, Thailand, holidaying with his wife.

For someone who has 2 very top end foldies - a Tikit and a Brompton, and too many other bikes, it is for good reason that he very discerningly wanted the CM. As a tiny folded package weighing only 8kg, it travels remarkably well in planes and taxis, and is perfect for exploration rides. It is also capable of light touring and I did a 40km short tour with the Carry Me some years back.

Guess the kids are growing up too quickly.

This video gives you an idea of how compact the CM is folded.


Taiwoon said...

hello Alvin,

I have followed ur blog for sometime now and I just want to tell u I love ur blog on cycling and life.

Also have started my own riding blog but nothing as substantial as urs. However, I am also using the bike to explore places which I thought I knew.. With a bike, it is really amazing how much u can see.

I understand it is winter now in Australia and abit too cold to ride. Spring will come and if u happen to be in SG, do drop me a line. Love to meet u in person.

Lastly, I would appreciate if u can have a look at my humble blog and leave some comments and advice. my blog is called

Because riding bikes, esp foldies makes me smile! :) Look forward to hear from u! Thanks!

best regards, Taiwoon from SG

Oldyonfoldy said...

Greetings Taiwoon. I'm very glad to read your kind comments about LTF. Delighted and honoured that you like it.

I had a chance to visit your excellent blog and am very impressed with your pics. Your stories are also very interesting and entertaining. Wonderful to know of new intriguing places to cycle in Spore.

Keep riding and keep writing. Isn't it so special to see the world unfold before us on small wheels?

Ride safe!

Taiwoon said...

Hello Alvin, ur comments made my day! thanks and I wil keep writing! Yah, it is fun to just ride with friends and explore the routes. some routes I drive pass so many times but leaves no impression. Some how with a bike, suddenly everything has more resolution and details. I am sure u know what I mean. With a foldie, it makes exploring that much more easy. It is addictive, now I got 2 foldies.. that is from someone who thought they were a "joke" some 5 years ago.

Looking forward to ur insightful stories! ride safe and ride with a smile!