Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Left low and dry at the Pinnacles

Singapore is renown for its skyscrapers and I wanted to check out the latest offering - the Pinnacles at Duxton. This is an impressive 50th floor high public housing that has just been completed right in the heart of the city. Its design has won many awards but it was the view that promises to be magical.

Pic taken fm Flickr Simon Photography

I rode my Carry Me there hoping to take some shots of it in the sunset, high up in the clouds. In my mind, I was picturing what angles to shoot it from etc and the soft lighting was almost perfect. Alas, when I was at the ticket office to pay the $5 entrance fee, the security staff said I couldn't bring the CM up to the Skybridge as it was a bicycle.
Despite folding it up into its most compact upright stance and promising not to ride it, they refused to budge, stroller-size notwithstanding. Rules are rules! Thus, my little excursion was scuttled, leaving me low and dry. O well, we live and learn.
ps: This blog post depicts the awesome scenery 50 floors up.


Taiwoon said...

Wah..nice one! Made me want to visit this place. I am also quite sad to see that u are not allowed to bring carryme to see the clouds.. We are too straight...and killed the magical experience....

I will attempt to sneak one foldie up... :)

Oldyonfoldy said...

Yes indeed TW, I hope you are more successful than I. Put the foldie in a bag. That should work!

The security staff should understand that their mission is not to follow rules blindly per se, but to be honoured and privilege to help visitors enjoy such a beautiful attraction of Spore.

Sporeans can be too straight indeed! How to become world class like that?

LizC said...

as i read the comment, i chuckled, simply because if security is smart enough, he wld have allowed the foldie but not the bag, for obvious reasons.

liz, owner of a dahon too and searching for tips on how to ride faster with the guys but not getting too much success :(