Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roadwalk-ing 7000km!

Big stomachs & short legs are hindrances for cycling

I'm a firm believer in personal chemistry when it comes to friendships. Roadwalker and I certainly seem to have that in fizzles and it was a great privilege to ride with him this morning along the beautiful ECP, together with Keong.
We met in Aug 2008 at a foldie bike meet in Singapore where he was riding a Strida. RW has since changed to riding a Birdy LX and I was shocked to learn he has put 7000km on his snow white foldie just riding around Singapore over 2.5 years. Considering he also has a Pacific Reach and a road bike, and did only a few overseas trips, it is quite a feat.

RW has a most gentle disposition and is a talented graphic designer. It shows in his choice of the Birdy, a truly beautifully German designed foldie with unique parallelogram front suspension system. He has just installed a small but ingenious front rack capable of taking 2 Orteliebs and still fold. One would expect a bike with such high mileage to be pretty scruffy, but RW's Birdy looks like it is just out of the showroom thanks to his meticulous care and attention. So far he is on his second set of Marathon Racers and chain.

He showed me his little notebook of cycling where he pens down his thoughts and musings ever so neatly. Unfortunately for me, its written in Chinese but his pictorial illustrations and patient explanation fascinated and illuminated me.
"Good grief! I'm rather porky but good thing my bike is light as a feather..."

One of a weight weeny trying to shave off grams on his carbon fibre bike while he himself was "sumo-rish" brought lots of chuckles over our Nasi Lemak breakfast this morning.

RW has also been a great friend to me as we journey together through the ups and downs of life. I look forward to celebrating his 10000km acccomplishment and somehow, I sense that will come sooner than later.
Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other. 1 John 4:11


Taiwoon said...

hahha..that's a wonderful story! 7000Km...wow...respect! I got my flamingo for 1 year and i am just about 600+ (metered by speedo) plus minus 100km...
I really like RW's sketches, esp the "I am heavy but my bike is light..." :)

Oldyonfoldy said...

TW, Chiak Yew! You can do it too.

Choong said...

O&F, thanks for the article and well taken photos.
Hi Taiwoon, thanks for your appreciations too.

Taiwoon said...

u must be the artist behind the drawings... really cool! hope to ride with u some day! And see ur sketches in person! May u break ur 10000 Km soon!