Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moonlighting with Brommie

Though its Spring, the afternoons are getting hot here in Perth and I took the opportunity to enjoy a night ride for the first time. A cool 16c, zero UV, having the bike paths all to yourself and just sheer solitude made for a most enjoyable ride. Sometimes its important to have quietness to reflect and take stock of life.

There was a full moon which lighted up the dark paths and just cruising through the night air with the sound of spinning wheels is absolutely therapeutic. I did my usual 12km loop round the Canning Bridge and did it anti-clockwise. It was a bit weird to be the only one cycling through Mt Henry Bridge bike path at 930pm and I was happy to spot one lone cyclist making his way home from work. We exchanged greetings briefly and I came across just one more lone cyclist with no lights on my entire ride.

Took the opportunity to experiment with night photography and I loved playing around with the lighting. There was not a soul around in most places so I could take my time with the dimunitive Canon Ixus. The only place that seemed alive was the Raffles Hotel (yes, Perth has one too but not associated with The Raffles Hotel of Singapore) whose pub was half-filled with merry-makers.

At the jetty, my only "friend" was a huge white rat who stared at me for a while, wondering who this walking "Christmas tree" was and decided to wisely scamper away. All in, it was a delightful moment moonlighting with Brommie and relishing some alone time.

Be still, and know that I am God Psalm 46:10


Taiwoon said...

bro Al, nice ride and lovely photos! Sometimes it is good to ride alone. Clear ur mind and reflect on things. Live life!

paulcbc said...

I love the old Hungry Jacks at Bullcreek! :D

ChrisW said...

You must have Bro Paul & KG over, they'll be out all night till dawn !